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there was milk and toast and honey

and a bowl of oranges too

we should all live in cake light
i have a blog about my quaker journey here which you can read on your flist by adding peculiarqueerwp.

i also make weird collage-y cards. you can look at them here or heartcommacub.

my Goodreads shelves
5th grade math, 60's disney main titles, alternative education, americorps, annette funicello, b'way, beets, being me, being read to, buttoned boots, cannon beach, chamalyn, clean sheets, coda, connection, contemplation, cornel west, dame judi dench, deeply felt puppet theater, disney world, dissecting children's books, divine decadence, early 1900's vogue covers, edinburgh, edutainment, fascination, feasts, feeling truly alive, figuring things out, found objects, frede campbell, genderplay, gin jar, grey kitten, growing, hither eyes, how people describe themselves, hydrangea, independent bookstores, inscriptions for other people, interconnection, judith viorst, kid's books, kierkegaard, laughing, madam trash heap, marc brown, matthew cuthbert's divine beauty, mink car, neil gaiman's children's books, not having headaches, olympia, otka, paint on my glasses, pansexuality, passenger trains, penguin books, people shorter than me, personal conversations, photographs of strangers, picnics, pomegranates, pudgy old man cherubs, quakers, reading aloud, rolling's reliable baking powder, rose marie morey amsterdam!, roseanne's discovery of riotgrrrl, running away, san francisco, sarasota, seattle, seeking, showstopping numbers (with chorusgirls), sofa shelf, solitude, that shade of red, the letter "q", the way fruit feels, theory about pop culture, things attached to suitcases, tillich, toad ointment, tomie de paola, trust, unitarians, with new radiant action